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2014 Burlingame, CA Reunion

The 2014 Bugara Reunion will be held in conjunction with the annual USSVI Convention, being held in Burlingame, CA, from 1 September to 7 September, 2014. Learn more and download the information and registration form.


2013 Rochester, MN Reunion

The 2013 Bugara Reunion will be held in conjunction with the annual USSVI Convention, being held in Rochester, MN, from 27 August to 1 September. The banquet will be held on 30 August, 1800 to 2030. Learn more and download the registration form.


2012 Norfolk, VA Reunion

The BUGARA held a joint reunion with the USS Scorpion SS 278/SSN 589 and USS George Washington SSBN 598 at the Sheraton Waterfront Hotel in Norfolk, VA, on Sept 4-9, 2012. Click here to learn more.


2011 Columbus, IN Reunion

The BUGARA held a reunion in Columbus, Indiana, 27-30 October 2011. Click here to learn more.


2011 Springfield, MO Reunion

The OZARK/RUNNER SS476 BASE (USSVI) www.ussvi.org/base/Ozark-Runner and the City of Springfield, MO. invite you to Springfield, MO. for the 2011 National Convention of the USSVI and of the U.S.Submarine Veterans of WWII.

The "Home Port" is the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center. There is a "Direct Attendee Reservation" link on the Lodging Information page (link is at the top of the page in the black bar) - you can make your reservations for the convention at the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center there.

Click here to learn more.


2010 Cincinnati, OH Reunion

Hello fellow BUGARA shipmates.  We now have a few pictures from the convention – mostly of the BUGARA crew (these will be posted soon, so check back!).  We had a great time and the crew members who came really enjoyed themselves.  We had a very nice dinner, put together by Len Reneau; door prizes, good food, plenty to drink and of course, a splendid time telling “Sea Stories”.  Lo and behold – all the sea stories told were true to boot. Click here to read more, and to read the invocation given by Captain Ed Ettner and to see the pictures.


2009 San Diego, CA Reunion

A BUGARA SS 331 mini-reunion was held in conjunction with the Submarine Convention 8-12 September in San Diego, CA. Many thanks go to John Norris and Harvey Shaw for coordinating efforts to pull this together on the West Coast. Also, thanks to Len Reneau, a former BUGARA sailor, who coordinated many of the mini-reunion functions while also organizing reunions for SCORPION SSN-589 and GEORGE WASHINGTON SSBN-598. BUGARA sailors joined with SCORPION and GEORGE WASHINGTON at the Crown Plaza hotel.

To raise money to continue our BUGARA web site; www.BUGARA.net Harvey Shaw held a silent auction for three bottles of wine engraved with BUGARA patch and also two BUGARA throws. From this auction, along with some other generous donations, we have raised enough money to pay for an additional three years of domain registration, hosting, and two additional years of photo hosting for our BUGARA web site.

Not only that, but we have enough funds to make a donation of $275.00 to the Dolphin Scholarship Fund, on behalf of all former BUGARA sailors. Read the thank you letter from the Dolphin Scholarship Fund

For the coming year, Dick Holmboe is once again taking the lead in gathering and updating personal information such as addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. If your information needs updating, please contact Dick. raholmboe@att.net

The attached picture is of those present for the BUGARA dinner. (click here to view larger image)

Seated, in front, left to right: Dick Holmboe, Jack Oliver, Bud Foster, Ed Ettner
Standing in back, left to right: Dave Steele, John Norris, Bob Fleck, Keith Kipsey, Len Reneau, Harvey Shaw, Dave Follo, Glen Foss, Dan Castro
Other BUGARA guys who were at the convention but did not come to the dinner were Marc Pickering, Charlie Tate and Fank Lister

Click here to view the rest of the photos from the reunion!


2008 Branson, MO Reunion

Click here to see pictures of the 2008 Branson Reunion!




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