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2016 Reno, NV Reunion

BUGARA REUNION, held during the annual USSVI Convention 

USSVI Convention – Reno Nevada 2016 

See pictures of the convention here

This year’s convention was a complete success.  You ask why?  Well, it was because there were record number of Submarine Veterans who came to make the convention upbeat and very interesting.  We still believe in our hearts that many, many more USS BUGARA veterans could come.  There is a date set a year in advance with information on hotels, RV parks and venues around the convention area. We all know that there are certain circumstances that prevent travel during that special period, but we hope all of our shipmates make an effort to come and enjoy the comradery and entertainment.  At least this year there were no false sea stories – all were told by such upstanding gentlemen and brothers of the FIN. 

We sure missed all who did not show, but one stood out from all the rest – our superb friend, shipmate and brother – Captain “Eddie” Ettner.  We all wish him well and hope to see him next year in Orlando, FL.   

Len Reneau and his lovely wife Debbie hosted the hospitality room again in great fashion.  We always had enough to eat, drink and never a loss for jokes and sea stories.  There was something there for everyone in the Reno area.  There were paddle boat tours on Lake Tahoe, tours to Virginia City (once the silver capital), and a lot of fun games and slots at the casino where the convention was held. 

Call a shipmate you haven’t seen for 20 to 50 some odd years and ask them to join us in Orlando next year.  Keep in touch with Len Reneau (214) 356-5320, or Harvey Shaw (812) 374-6661 for detailed information on our next reunion.  Let us know that you would like to see and do while in Orlando.  We’ll do our best to get all of BUGARA shipmates together for a special day or evening out and a night for our own dinner get together with a 50/50 drawing and door prizes for everyone. 



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