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The world of whisky is one of subtle aromas, flavors and textures. It’s also one of tradition: whisky production was first documented as early as the 15th century. Even today, the production process is seen as a fine art, with each distillery making whisky in its own special way. It’s a key challenge for modern mashing and distillation technologies to maintain the unique characteristics that this brings out.

Depth and character in the glass

GEA whisky distillation solutions

Whisky spirits always begin with cereal, water and yeast. During production, a variety of different factors, from the raw materials to the mashing, wort extraction, fermentation and distillation, influence the process and give the product its characteristic flavors and aromas. Precise process conditions are therefore essential to achieve the consistent quality that is vital to any spirit brand.

From raw materials handling to malt conditioning, milling, mashing and fermentation to cask maturation, GEA offers the right solution for every need. This includes, for example, flow components, individually designed skids, customized plants, or fully integrated turnkey solutions. Each individual system is developed with precise customer requirements in mind to equip them with all the tools they need to ensure the specific qualities of the final product – an essential prerequisite to preserve the traditions and success of fine distillates. For this reason, GEA is in a perfect position to support customers from all over the world with our comprehensive portfolio of innovative processes relating to mashing and distillation technologies, whilst always being mindful of the traditions behind the success of iconic products.

This is just one of many examples of how GEA’s innovative, state-of-the-art technologies set new standards in spirit production. In addition, our solutions are also sustainable and can help optimize yields and energy efficiency, minimize operating costs, and reduce the carbon footprint. Specifically, this means that our systems and solutions are designed to emit fewer greenhouse gases, consume less energy and reuse waste – all while ensuring reliable, smooth and efficient production processes.

Key steps for malt whisky spirit production

GEA's process lines for whisky

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