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Whether it’s a vegetable-based smoothie or an energy drink, vegetable-flavored beverages are now a mainstream consumer product. More and more people, around the world, are making a conscious effort to eat — and drink — more vegetables, and the beverage industry has witnessed a growing demand for healthy drinks.

Vegetable-based drinks represent a leading growth trend in the consumer packaged goods sector. Restaurants are also witnessing increased demand for fruit- and vegetable-based ‘mocktails’. GEA offers a range of technologies for the vegetable juice industry, from individual technologies to complete processing plants and systems.

Our decanters are used for rapid, continuous and low-oxidation juicing. Gentle, hygienic processing produces high-quality juices at high yields, while retaining the juice’s nutritious components.

GEA’s reverse osmosis technology represents a faster and more energy efficient and effective process for concentrating vegetable and fruit juices than single or multiple evaporators. Compared with evaporation technologies, reverse osmosis results in increased yield and quality, and is also more space efficient.  

Our membrane filtration technology has similarly been used successfully to clarify and concentrate a wide variety of vegetable juices. A major advantage of membrane filtration compared with more traditional separation methods, such as vacuum or pressure filtration, is the option of diafiltration, a process through which color is gained rather than lost.

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