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Starch & Protein Sidestreams

When extracting proteins from vegetable-based raw materials, several different components are produced (such as protein isolates/concentrates, starch and fibers). The resulting effluent or runoff water is often considered to be a waste stream. Yet, it could actually be a valuable source of additional products with considerable nutritional value. GEA can work with you to expand the potential of your sidestreams and recycle that so-called wastewater.


Valuable sidestreams

At a time when sustainability issues are taking center stage, the production industry is faced with many challenges, including reducing emissions and the use of natural resources. All of this, coupled with keeping CAPEX and OPEX low, getting the most out of production processes and minimizing production shutdowns, creates a difficult space to navigate. Fortunately, there are ways to create value out of sidestreams while reducing overall water consumption. 

To cite one example, the concentrated nutrient source that’s obtained after removing water by evaporation from an effluent stream can be dried together with the fiber to make a protein and energy rich product that’s suitable for use in animal feed. Not only does it maximize the output from your raw materials, it’s better for the environment too.

Tap into potential

Naturally, we know our evaporation, membrane filtration and solid feed drying equipment inside out. Through testing, research and development, we continuously develop our solutions based on what we learn to stay up to date with advances in technology, strict hygiene standards and global trends.

A fine partnership

We have partnered with customers for many years, refining our protein, starch and fiber ingredient processing skills. You can benefit from this know-how when it comes to putting together either a complete production line or simply finding a single piece of equipment. We ensure that you can offer your customers the best product possible.

Our goal is to help you maintain stable operations through the reliable and efficient supply of separation, filtration, evaporation and drying technologies. We deliver end-to-end support from design to implementation and servicing to maintenance. 

Test facilities

GEA has well-equipped test facilities that you can access to develop new products, refine processes and test new formulations ahead of full production. Each facility includes a laboratory that offers fast and reliable moisture content, bulk density and particle size distribution analyses. Our experts work with you to reduce time-to-market, confidently and profitably.

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