Special bread

We all appreciate the comforting smell of fresh bread. Today we can choose from many types of freshly baked, part baked and frozen products, including filled baguettes, rye breads, and specialty breads for people with dietary requirements.

GEA offers technologies for producing a number of bread recipes and filled bread products. 

Garlic bread

The ability to slice and inject cooked baguettes with garlic or other butters and sauces offers the opportunity to produce a wide variety of filled products. 

Rye bread   

Rye grain produces a bread that is higher in fiber than white bread, and with a stronger flavor. Processing top quality rye breads and other viscous, dense mixes, relies on the ability to handle and precisely bake these types of doughs.

Gluten free breads

Gluten free breads cater for people with special dietary requirements, and today there are many tasty alternatives to breads made with wheat and other gluten-containing flours. Equipment that can accurately manage and handle gluten free recipes and dough are the key to produce high quality end products.  

GEA offers dedicated, highly accurate volumetric depositor and extruder models for depositing rye bread and gluten-free bread doughs into individual molds. The user-friendly, programmable system can be supplied with a range of options to offer maximum versatility. 

Our highly automated bread line for cutting and filling baked baguettes as they come out of the cooling system is ideal for producing garlic bread, or other filled baguette loaves.  

Highly controlled baking is key to producing the perfect loaf, and GEA ovens feature independent temperature control across each zone, to ensure that ever product comes out of the oven with a uniform texture and color. User-friendly software saves recipes and makes it easy to switch between products, to minimize stoppage time and wastage.  

For downstream processing and automation, GEA offers efficient, robust depanning units, robots, cooling and freezing  systems,  to perfectly deliver  the products to the packaging lines.  

We can customize our technologies and production lines to match the footprint and design of our clients’ existing plants. And whether we provide just one machine, a whole production line or a complete plant, GEA customers have the support of our service engineers, who will ensure that every piece of equipment that we provide continues to operate at maximum efficiency and productivity. 

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