Emission control


Protecting your planet means knowing exactly how much and where to invest to make your process chain as environmental-friendly as possible. Production performance can be optimized through emission control technology within the refinery itself or integrated petrochemical production, to considerably improve economics and meet governmental regulations. Becoming a part of the so called “Green Industry”, emission control technology is required. Customers from this industrial sector have been relying on GEA innovative technology for ages. As a leader in innovative technology we keep on working for revolutionary technology for the chemicals and refinery industry sector as well as keep our existing solutions always up to date.

Chemicals and refinery industry application

Clean air for the oil, gas and refinery industry

With the right combination of energy saving and pollution control technology, GEA makes sure that processes are running economically and environmental-friendly.

Our asset integrity and reliability air pollution control solutions are focusing dedicated and special processes within the oil, gas and refinery industry.

FCC Plants (Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units)

  • Removal of dust using hot gas electrostatic precipitators
  • Removal of dust, SO2 and SO3 using an integrated scrubber/ wet gas electrostatic precipitator system

Sulfuric Acid Recovery Plants

  • Washing and cooling systems (quench towers, venturi scrubbers, packed cooling towers)
  • Removal of sulfuric acid mist using wet electrostatic precipitators

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