Fresh and frozen pizzas come in different shapes and a wide range of sizes. Whether thin or thick crust, American- or Italian-style, our family favorites are topped with a layer of tomato sauce and imaginative combinations of cheese, meat, vegetables, herbs and spices.

The technologies used to deposit pizza toppings depend on the type of pizza and its ingredients. Tomato sauce, meat, vegetables and cheese can be added either before or after baking the pizza bases. GEA offers a modular pizza topping line that comprises individual units for depositing tomato sauce and diced types of toppings on square or round pizzas of any size. Our high capacity, efficient technologies give an authentic, hand-made look to every pizza.

Target-topped pizzas 

Commonly known as Italian style, they have a free edge that is kept bare of topping. These pizzas are topped using a mask system to prevent the topping from being deposited right up to the edge. 

Waterfall-topped pizzas

Very liked especially by children, these American-style pizzas have no free edge around the base. The tomato sauce and other toppings are often added using a waterfall depositor.

The high-speed, modular pizza topping system from GEA can be configured with fast and precise spray depositing heads or with highly accurate volumetric depositors for the uniform distribution of both filtered tomato sauce and sauce with small particles. Our tomato spreading unit with rotating brush devices gives a traditional, spoon-spread effect to the tomato over the pizza base.

The GEA waterfall fingers depositing unit is integrated into the pizza topping line to distribute a uniform layer of diced ingredients (including individually quick frozen; IQF) suh as meats, vegetables and cheeses on top of the tomato. Product loading conveyors can also be integrated into the line to facilitate manual tasks and increase speed.  Product recovery conveyors can be integrated into the system to minimize waste.

Efficient and flexible to speed and simplify switch between products, GEA pizza depositing machines are designed for easy cleaning, and to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements.

GEA customers have the opportunity to work with us at the Bakery Experience Centre, where  our food technologists and process experts can help customers to optimize existing recipes and develop new recipes and processes using a range of GEA equipment.

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