GEA offers excellent solutions to meet your specific product requirements. We have vast experience in processing and drying of pesticides and are able to meet our clients’ requests. .

Pesticides are mainly includes all of the following: 

  • herbicides
  • insecticides
  • fungicides 

A pesticide consists of an active ingredient coupled with inert ingredients. The active ingredient kills the pests, while the inert ingredients facilitate spraying and coating the target plant.


Originally active ingredients were once distilled from natural substances and are now often synthesized from petroleum. In addition the contain other ingredients like chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, and bromine.

Inert ingredients can be many substances, like water, kerosene, emulsifier if the pesticide is a liquid. A powder pesticide will typically contain vegetable matter such as corn cobs, clays or powdered minerals.


During their production a large volume of exhaust is generated and needs to be treated. Generally first dust & particle removal apply followed by physical and chemical absorption process.

These by-products often contain components such as  ammonia, phosphate or urea.  To remove these components, GEA designs gas scrubbing  systems consisting of a combination of dry and wet gas  scrubbing stages. 

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