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Organic Acids

Organic acids are important chemical building blocks for producing polyesters, polyamides, plasticizers and solvents. They are also used in the preservation of food. GEA has leading expertise and experience in the concentration of final organic acid products, side-products and effluents from organic acid fermentation. We can offer a range of systems, solutions and plants tailored to specific applications.


The first stage in the process of organic acid concentration is biomass separation by decanters or membrane filtration units. The acids are then concentrated in evaporation plants. GEA offers decanter and membrane filtration systems for most applications, and our falling-film evaporation plants are often used to concentrate the acids. The separator technology is also commonly equipped with scrubbing columns for the separation of easily volatile components, or with stripping columns for the separation of ammonia.

The production process can generate large quantities of secondary flows with high salt content or high organic load, and these are also concentrated in evaporation plants. Because waste waters may be corrosive or coat equipment and components, GEA can provide falling film and forced circulation evaporation systems that are constructed using materials that will ensure long equipment life as well as efficient economic operation.  

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