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Non-dairy creamer

Non-dairy creamers or coffee/tea whiteners are liquid or granular substances that are lactose-free and generally used in hot beverages as a substitute for milk or cream. Often comprising casein, a milk-derived protein, they are also available in flavored or low calorie and low fat varieties.

Coffee & Tea Whitener

To produce highly dispersible – “instant” – agglomerated powders, we can supply complete formulation systems that combine emulsification, spray drying and agglomeration. And, for products with very high oil content, GEA offers its FILTERMAT® technology, which has been designed to handle challenging products. 

Mixing is a key unit process that fundamentally affects the consistency and quality of non-dairy creamers. For stable, consistent emulsions, our BATCH FORMULA® Mixer can help to reduce the size of any oil droplets and our integrated process control system ensures product integrity by monitoring vital parameters to guarantee that product specifications are achieved.

Whether for a solid or liquid product, however, all GEA food processing technology is designed and engineered to meet strict hygiene, food safety and quality standards. 

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