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The carbonated drinks sector, including lemonades and sodas, is a mature category in the beverages market. In recent years, it has gone through multiple changes, and this state of flux is expected to continue in the near future.

Carbonated drinks have relatively low price points and margins compared with some other consumer goods categories, thus impacting on brand owner's inclination to add additional costs through packaging innovation. The industry is trying to find ways to deliver the product in terms of effective and efficient product delivery that is fit for purpose but in a more cost-effective way from a manufacturing perspective.

Pressure remains on this industry from health lobbyists looking for improvements to drinkers' diets, particularly when it comes to childhood obesity. Consequently, there has been a shift from high-sugar carbonated drinks to healthier and often sugar-free, diet or inferred health varieties that offer comparable taste and quality. The rise of sports drink has also impacted market share. Key drivers relate to reducing costs and winning the battle at the point of sale in terms of shelf standout and the communication of iconic brand values. Sustainability is also on the agenda.

GEA can offer you the complete range of equipment for your bespoke needs, from intake systems, measuring flow of liquids with high-accuracy flow meters, water deaeration, sugar dissolving, batch or in-line blending, carbonation up to filling and packaging. We provide the solutions for your complete production process.

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Advanced beverage processing with GEA process units

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Dedicated to working with customers to overcome their processing challenges, we can help you to build quality into your processes, adjust key parameters to drive your critical quality attributes to the required target levels and bring new products to market in a quick and efficient way.

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