Minerals & inorganic chemicals

Inorganic chemicals

From alumina to zinc compounds, GEA is able to offer customers high performance process systems and in-depth application know-how, giving an overall distinct competitive advantage to produce at high rates, reduced cost and improved efficiency.

Comprehensive Solutions

Salt washing

Whether your feed is in liquid, suspended Crystal or solid form, we help you find the right solution:

Evaporation and Crystallization
In the chemical industry GEA evaporators and crystallizers are integrated in various production processes for inorganic products and organic compounds. Our wide range of proprietary equipment includes large capacity pre-evaporator systems as well as fine chemicals crystallization units.

References include: Sodium and Potassium chloride, Sodium and Ammonium sulphate, Potassium nitrate or Potassium and Sodium carbonate.

A complete range of industrial drying systems to dry granules, cakes, powders, sludges and slurries. Feed material can be in liquid, suspended crystal or solid form.

GEA helps industrials meet different efficiency, safety and environmental requirements. As may inorganic chemicals often include hazardous ingredients, all our plants are designed to meet the strictest standards related to explosion and emission control systems.

Products & technologies

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