GEA Cleaning Technology

The portfolio comprises different types of cleaning devices, such as orbital, rotating and static cleaners, to achieve the optimum cleaning result for different applications. Cleaning technology products can be found working successfully all over the world in numerous industries – from water treatment, chemical and brewing to food and pharmaceutical. Our sophisticated process components and services offer a comprehensive portfolio to support innovative engineering processes – wherever professional cleanliness is of the essence.

Soiling Classification

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    GEA Static Cleaner

    The cleaning of vessels within soiling classification I requires a liquid distribution which delivers large volumes of fluid simultaneously over the complete vessel. Static spray balls offer very little mechanical force so they rely on the liquid running down the vessel walls to create surface friction or to dissolve the residues.

    GEA Static Cleaner
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    GEA Free Rotating Cleaner

    Free rotating cleaners are characterized by their fast rotation around a single axis. This rotation is driven by the liquid flow which produces a range of small to medium-sized fast moving droplets to produce a mechanical force on the vessel walls.

    GEA Free Rotating Cleaner
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    GEA Controlled Rotating Cleaner

    GEA’s slow rotating cleaners use targeted flat or round jets to project the cleaning solution onto the vessel walls. These units operate at higher liquid pressures than traditional free rotating units but, because of their design, maintain slow rotation speeds. This enables these devices to impact greater cleaning forces onto the vessel walls than the free rotating units. As the rotation is kept under control, the spray jets have an increased dwell time, providing even more cleaning power. The slow rotating units from GEA are an efficient and cost-effective solution for stubborn and difficult to clean vessels.

    GEA Controlled Rotating Cleaner
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    GEA Orbital & Index Cleaner

    The extensive range of orbital and index cleaners from GEA offers high impact cleaning solutions for the most difficult to clean applications. Both cleaner ranges benefit from GEA’s solid stream nozzle technology which optimizes spray jet projection and cleaning power onto the vessel walls.

    GEA Orbital & Index Cleaner


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