GEA supplies scrubbers for an efficient multi-pollutant cleaning of process-and-exhaust gases for various applications.

Scrubbers are gas/liquid/solid contactors that proportion large interfacial surface areas and a high degree of turbulence between the corresponding phases, allowing for an efficient removal of particulates from gas streams, noxious substances absorption and gas cooling. 

GEA is the inventor of global standard solutions like the “Bischoff–scrubber” for blast furnaces or the “Wiegand-scrubber” for small to midsize industrial exhaust streams. 

GEA offers tailor-made solutions – from laboratory to full process scale, from thermoplastic or fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) materials to high-alloy stainless steels – in order to provide, both technically and economically, optimal solutions for our customers. GEA offers clean air solutions while keeping the CAPEX/OPEX low.

Wet scrubbing units use a liquid scrubbing medium. Depending on the application, either water, hydrocarbons, diluted acids, caustic soda or other liquids. 

The type of scrubber and the applied scrubbing medium depend on the process-specific requirements and on the emission´s limits that shall be complied with. The below table gives an overview of GEA´s scrubber portfolio, the typical cases on which scrubbers are used and their specific advantages:

Process / Unit Operation Technology Typical Applications Gas flow rate / Application size Cooling Performance Particle Separation Efficiency Absorption Efficiency Energy Demand
Gas cooling Hot gas quench system Flue Gas Treatment after Incineration small to medium +++ + ++ o
Quench Tower Non Ferrous- / Chemical Industry medium to large +++ + + +
Absorption Columns various all + o ++ ++
Particle Separation Spray Tower Lime Scrubber medium to large + o + +
Jet Scrubber Chemical Industry small to medium ++ + ++ o
Venturi Scrubber Chemical Industry small to medium + ++ + +
Anular Gap Scrubber Iron & Steel Industry medium to large + +++ +++ +
Radial Flow Scrubber Non Ferrous Industry medium to large +++ +++ ++ +
Linear Flow Scrubber Non Ferrous Industry medium to large +++ +++ ++ ++
Wet Electrostatic Precipitator I&S/NF/Chemical Industry medium to large + +++ + +
Candle Filters  Chemical Industry small to medium o +++ + +
Gas Purification by absorption  of gaseous components Spray Tower Iron & Steel-/ Non Ferrous- / Chemical Industry medium to large ++ + +++ +
Jet Scrubber Chemical/Petrochemical and Pharma small to medium ++ ++ ++ o
Annular Gap Scrubber Iron & Steel Industry medium to large + +++ +++ +
Absorption Columns various all + ++ ++ ++

Some of the most common applications for wet scrubbers are:

Flue gas cleaning

Flue gases from combustion, chemical production or recycling processes are treated in multi-stage gas cleaning processes. By using quenching and/or absorption and concentration stages, pollutants such as halogens and their hydrogenated derivatives, sulfur compounds, ammonia and many more can be removed from the gas and recycled into the production process.

Process gas cleaning

Not only flue gases but also process gases in chemical production processes can be treated to recycle solvents and reduce the need for solvent replenishment.

Gas Treatment Lines for various industries

GEA´s wet scrubber systems are widely applied in the industry, very often in the non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, iron & steel production, cement and glass manufacturing.   

Compact gas scrubbers 

GEA-design compact gas scrubbers are made for the treatment of emissions in laboratories and pilot and production plants in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. They are in use for cooling gases, condensing vapors, absorbing pollutants, separating dust and aerosols and conducting in-situ chemical reactions.


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