Mining & metallurgy

Harness the resources of the Earth

Our clients in metallurgy can benefit from an unparalleled range of solutions, thanks to our comprehensive know-how in the design, production and process integration of various technologies ranging from evaporation, crystallization, mechanical separation, drying, emission control...

Meeting client's specific needs


GEA understands clients need for a robust and dependable solution that does not compromise product quality or efficiency.

Our main references are in hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy and metallurgy applications including the recovery of HCl from various processes such as pickling liquors, non-ferrous metallurgical units and concentration of AlCl3 from metallurgical wastes.

We propose our clients a wide range of drying systems, evaporation and crystallization equipment for hydrometallurgy, pickling line evaporation and crystallization solutions, gas cleaning solutions as well as recovery and valorization of liquid effluents.

Products & technologies

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