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We expect our fruit juices and nectars to be high quality, healthy, tasty and deliver a full mouth feel, and to be rich in the same vitamins and health-giving compounds that are present in the fruit itself.

The process steps used to prepare fruit juice will vary dependent upon the type of fruit. For example, homogenization is commonly used to improve parameters such as viscosity, color, cloudiness and the stability of suspended solids. Freeze concentration technology is applied because of its ability to retain aroma in the juice production process.

GEA offers complete solutions for preparing fruit juice and nectars from a wide range of fruits, including apples, pears, cherries, berries, grapes and stone fruits. Our technologies span every process step, from the treatment of ingredients using separation, membrane filtration and evaporation, to reconstitution and blending, deaeration, homogenization, product recovery, heat treatment, freeze concentration, filling and packaging. Our experts work with each client to design and implement the optimum solutions for each product and process requirement.


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