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Consumers' increased attention to health and sustainability led to the development of more and more high-quality products for people to explore and enjoy. Such products demand high levels of hygiene and safety to be in place for filling and gentle handling to avoid any unnecessary stress on the beverages, especially the ones containing cereals or fruit pieces.

GEA filling modules have been designed to bottle sensitive beverages including juices, teas, isotonic and still drinks, milk and liquid dairy products, plant-based beverages and dairy alternatives, in PET and HDPE bottles. The filling modules for sensitive beverages are designed for ‘hassle-free’ integration with  GEA sterilizing systems for plastic preforms, bottles and caps, and are enclosed in the same controlled environment (sterile for aseptic applications and ultraclean for ESL applications) to avoid any possible recontamination issue, maintaining sterility of the product and of the containers.

GEA also offer filling systems for use with non-alcoholic beverages, still and sparkling wine and spirits in glass bottles. In addition, a rapid changeover, multipurpose filling solution has been specifically designed for beer applications – including non-alcoholic beer, a growing segment as it is aimed at a wider audience but features the same flavor quality and aroma – in PET, glass bottles and cans.



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