Everyone has a personal favorite biscuit. Chocolate chip cookies, sandwich and filled biscuits, sugar-topped stars and animal-shaped creations tempt us young and old. There is a biscuit for every occasion and every mood, for indulgence, or just for a snack during a pause in the day.

Versatile processing equipment and machines from GEA allow the bakery sector to develop imaginative new biscuit recipes, shapes, forms and textures to tempt us.

Standard biscuits

Popular around the world, wire cut cookies and simple biscuits still come in a huge range of shapes and textures. Crisp and snappy or buttery melt-in-the mouth, every biscuit should be enticing and full of flavor.

Filled biscuits

Co-extruded biscuits can hold a variety of jam, cream or chocolate fillings. Accurate depositing and precision filling are key to processing the highest quality products. 

Double color cookies

Swirled, chequerboard, layered or marbled, dual color biscuits with or without filling can be processed using dedicated machines to create special shapes and patterns.

Decorated and sandwich cookies

Decoration with icing, jam nuts or chocolate pieces adds individuality and a creative touch to favorite flavors and textures. Sandwich biscuits that contain jam or chocolate make indulgent treats.

Extruder and co-extruders, ovens and cooling systems from GEA ensure perfect plain, decorated, filled or sandwich biscuits. Our state-of-the-art systems can handle and process a wide range of doughs, mixes and fillings.

GEA machinery and production lines have been designed for efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Dough deposition using the GEA individual lobe pump system ensures that exactly the right amount of mix is deposited for every biscuit, to produce perfectly formed products and reduce wastage. Adjustments to working parameters can be made while machines are running, to further reduce stoppages.

For producing wire cut biscuits and depositing smooth batters on trays we offer a versatile depositor that can handle fluid, dense and whipped mixes, with or without particulates.

Our co-extruder model can simultaneously deposit two different dough mixes and a fluid filling, either directly onto an oven band or onto baking trays on a conveyor.

The dedicated sandwich cookie system automates the processes of biscuit overturning, depositing the filling and then capping, to optimize efficiency and throughput.

GEA ovens will ensure that every biscuit is perfectly colored and has the desired texture. When running at steady state our ovens require no operator presence, and the thickest, most efficient insulation system on the market saves energy and costs.

GEA goes that extra mile for its customers, and offers process and food technology expertises at the two GEA Bakery Experience Centers (BEC) in Italy . The centers help customers to improve existing processes for established recipes, and to develop processes for new recipes and bakery concepts. Recipes and processes are tested on a range of GEA bakery equipment and technologies, to devise the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable process for the highest quality product. Engineers at the BEC also test every GEA machine that leaves the factory for delivery to customers’ plants.

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