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Our modern world is inconceivable without cement. It is the basic building material for the most varied construction tasks. Cement is the most important component for manufacturing concrete. The production is a demanding process involving a number of processes and technologies.

GEA´s solution for clean air in a sustainable cement production

Cement is made today in modern cement plants in a continuous dry process from natural raw materials with clinker burning process. This high energy-consuming and greenhouse-gas–emitting production reach an output of 3,000 to 10,000 tonnes of clinker per day.

GEA technologies stand for dust emissions below traceability with lowest energy costs. Even reliable desulphurization with scrubbers is not an issue at all.

Our innovative clean gas SCR technology guarantees a reliable low NOx content in the kiln off gas with even no ammonia slip, far below existing environmental regulations. Waste heat recovery counts to one of our innovative technologies, where we harvest the thermal energy of the pre-heater tower and/or the clinker cooler to produce electric energy with an ORC plant. GEA technologies do not only support you to lower your environmental footprint, they will lower your operating costs significantly as well.

Cement Industry - Rohrdorf

In the cement production sector, we provide technologies for the following fields of application: 

Dust control

Our ECOpuls bag filter stands for dust emissions below traceability, smooth bag cleaning (expanded lifespan) as well as significant low energy consumption.

 NOx Control (DeNOx)

Our clean gas selective catalytic reactor (SCR) allows highest conversion rates at lowest ammonia slip combined with a high availability.

 Desulphurization (DeSOx)

 Our wet scrubber design is operated with raw-meal as reagent and formats excellent gypsum for the use in the finish mill.

 Waste heat recovery

 Our waste heat recovery system combines proven ORC technology with innovative heat exchanger design to harvest most of the waste thermal energy out of the cement process. Our recent plant produces more than 4 MW electric energy.

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