Breakfast cereals

Breakfast Cereals

A new breakfast experience starts now, thanks to a new production frontier. It’s GEA breakfast cereals end-to-end processing line. Tell us your needs.

Breakfast cereals

Imagine a new production frontier

“Engineering for a better world” is the claim that expresses GEA’s approach to developing cutting-edge solutions that meet market needs and set new trends. For the production of breakfast cereals, GEA improved full processing lines that enables you to manage in an easier and more efficient way all the production steps, from the raw materials preparation to the packaging of the final product.


GEA xTru Twin extruder is the core technology of the system, but the complete processing line can be customized depending on your needs.

Succeed in improving efficiency, profitability, and versatility.

GEA xTru Twin extruders

The GEA xTru Twin series of extruders adapts perfectly to any requirement or need: barrel and screw configuration are made-to-order and designed based on process requirements. As a result, every need in terms of production capacity, product type and footprint is catered for with a xTru Twin extruder.


The new high-capacity twin-screw extruders are able to increase productivity by up to 40%. GEA engineers have used their experience and know-how to increase the cross-sectional area, rotation speed and pitch of the screws on the new machines, while maintaining the extruder footprint and screw length. This also allows customers to upgrade existing machines without buying a new machine or changing their plant layout.


GEA xTru Twin extruders can be used to create lines that enable quick switchover between production of flaked cereals and shaped cereals, guaranteeing high hourly production capacities.

Breakfast Cereals Processing

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Create a new breakfast experience

Start every day with a new product: thanks to the different machines you can include in your breakfast cereals full processing line, you can rapidly switch from flaked cereals to shaped cereals production, including co-extruded articles.

GEA has the knowhow and technology to equip customers with tools that will kickstart any product line and any success story.

Pellets technology: from snack to breakfast

Snack Pellets - Multilayer
Chocolate multilayers

Taking advantage of the extreme versatility of GEA xTru Twin extruders, GEA has developed a product that combines breakfast cereal processing with the countless benefits of snack pellet technology.


Chocolate multilayers are a brand new breakfast experience that combines the crunchiness of a snack with the sweetness and energy of breakfast: three layers for a pleasant mouthfeel, improved absorption of milk (or vegetable beverage), and an optimal nutritional profile given by the total absence of fat.


A revolutionary product technologically rooted in GEA strong processing knowledge for snack pellets, the starting point for a new way of thinking about the production of breakfast cereals.

GEA expert

Ask the GEA Expert

At GEA, allowing the development of new projects in the breakfast cereals field is our daily challenge. 

We can help you to design bespoke production processes, to analyze raw materials, to shape new formats, to test your products, and more. 

Share your project with GEA experts: it will be a pleasure to offer our expertise to improve your business.

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