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2012 Norfolk, VA Reunion

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SubVet National Convention held in Norfolk, VA 2-9 September 2012, was attended by a few of the Old BUGARA sailors.  Joel Bergstrom, Len Reneau, Tank Stinnett, Harvey Shaw, Capt. Eddie Ettner, Ed Janca and John Addington, appearing left to right in the photo.  Len Reneau was accompanied by his wife Dede, Capt. Ettner brought his two daughters, Tank Stinnett brought his Grandson, John Addington brought his wife and Sister-in-Law, and Harvey Shaw’s wife attended.  The main convention was held at the Waterside Marriott and the BUGARA min-reunion was held at a suite in the Sheraton Hotel.  The mini-reunion was with SCORPION and GEORGE WASHING and all three boats had  a great time telling old sea stories together.  There was also a dinner for the three boats and we were honored with a truly inspirational invocation and benediction by Capt. Eddie Ettner.   A wholehearted thanks goes out to Len Reneau and his wife Dede for their tireless organization for this years mini-reunion dinner. 

BUGARA plans on holding another mini-reunion in Rochester, MN in 2013.  All hands should go to the Website to see the registration form.  http://ussvi-2013convention.com/site

Please try to attend next year's gala event in Rochester and keep the tradition alive.


The Bugara will be doing a joint reunion with the USS Scorpion SS 278/SSN 589 and USS George Washington SSBN 598 at the Sheraton Waterfront Hotel in Norfolk, VA, on Sept 4-9, 2012. Download the registration form here if you are interested in attending!


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