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2010 Cincinnati, OH Reunion

Hello fellow BUGARA shipmates.  We now have a few pictures from the convention – mostly of the BUGARA crew (these will be posted soon, so check back!).  We had a great time and the crew members who came really enjoyed themselves.  We had a very nice dinner, put together by Len Reneau; door prizes, good food, plenty to drink and of course, a splendid time telling “Sea Stories”.  Lo and behold – all the sea stories told were true to boot.   The Gray Dolphin this year was Captain Ed Ettner from Virginia, and the youngest was Roger Fisher from Indiana.  The oldest and youngest from our crew were each presented with a fine bottle of wine, engraved with the BUGARA logo, dolphins and the commissioning/decommissioning date.  We had our own hospitality room, stocked with food, wine, beer, memorabilia, and super conversations.  

Read the invocation given by Captain Ettner below

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The next reunion will be held in Springfield, MO.  in September 2011.  Len Reneau already has a hotel and a hospitality room set aside for us.  If ANYONE is inclined to take over the 2011 BUGARA reunion in Springfield, please contact Len Reneau at lreneau@live.com or call him at (903) 873-3577.  He needs some help shipmates and he will be quite helpful to anyone taking on the task. 


Capt Ed Ettner
Len Reneau
“Tank” Stinnett
Ed Janca
Dan Castro
Roger Fisher
Everett Gasaway
Harvey Shaw
Bob Webster

Invocation – Submarine Reunion Blessing

Almighty God, Lord of all that is visible and invisible, in recognition of Your presence with us everyday, but especially today, it is with profound humility and abiding love we ask You to:

Bless this Bugara Submarine Reunion this evening with Your endearing providential compassion and prevailing gentle tenderness. And we pray that You will be with us always in the years of submarine reunions to come;

Bless our shipmates who are present today with Your trusting care and loving concern. Strengthen them as the pervasive tides of time relentlessly bear on them and to make their commitments to attend submarine reunions an ever increasing challenge. Continue to bless them with the gifts of courage and perseverance.

Bless our shipmates who are unable to attend due to ailments and confinements that restrict their mobility. Lord, they deserve Your healing love. We beg You to help them to find comfort and security in their hours of pain, loneliness, sorrow and illness.

Bless our deceased shipmates that You have chosen to join You in Your heavenly kingdom. Keep them close to You as they were close to us. Lord, help us to always remember the love and laughter and camaraderie we enjoyed by and in their presence.

Bless our families and friends who joined us today to celebrate our
reunion. It is our honor and privilege that they are at our sides. For some of us, their gracious, tireless effort in accompanying and assisting us made it possible to be here this evening.

Bless our hard-working and enterprising shipmates and their assistants who organized this joint submarine reunion. Give them the joy and happiness they justly deserve for freely giving of themselves so that we may enjoy the company of our shipmates. Lord, they deserve Your special consolation and love.

Finally, dear Lord bless us and these Thy succulent gifts which we are about to receive from Thy boundless bounty. This delicious food we are about to eat is Yours to give and ours to enjoy. In our hearts, we ask You to dine with each one of us this festive evening. Remember beloved Lord, we, the remnant crewmembers of the submarine Bugara, are here today by your will and providence. Help us to truly enjoy this repast, the company of our shipmates and friends you have chosen to be with us today and the time remaining on your earthly kingdom. Amen.

By CAPT. Edward Ettner, USN(Ret),
Commanding Officer of USS BUGARA (SS331) in 1955


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